Fixing Her Eyes in 2020

What have you found hard? I am a huge introvert and during the first lockdown, to be honest, it didn’t bother me too much to be working from home, not able to have people over to our house, and being away from much of the social environment I was use to. Then come lockdown 2.0 for us Melbourians and it was very different. I no longer found it ‘peaceful’ to be at home and away from others. This time around I found homeschooling full-time, working full-time and not being able to leave my house for anything other than a walk or grocery shopping for one hour a day extremely claustrophobic! Emotions were heightened, as was stress due to many other changes going on in my life. I struggled to find

Fixing Her Eyes in 2020

I'm thankful that ultimately the coronavirus holds no power over those of us who know Jesus, because our ultimate safety is assured, but it'

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