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We have gathered names of Australian women preaching to mixed congregations. Where known, we have included their twitter handle. This list is not exhaustive (thankfully!). 

This list is recommended by our community and is not necessarily an endorsement from FHE. Of course, the Uniting Church in Australia is known for having many women in preaching roles within their church community.


  • Grace Lung (preaching under the authority of a male senior minister)


  • Samantha McDonell (guest preacher)


  • Laura Snook (preaching team)
    The Lakes Church Cairns: 


  • Ruth Thomas @ruthmthomas (guest speaker)
    In her role as CEO of World Hope International Ruth speaks in churches around Australia including Guest preacher at various Wesleyan Methodist Churches


  • Kate Wall (assistant pastor) at Toowoomba North Church of Christ.


  • Rev Dr Margaret Wesley (senior minister)
    St. Paul’s Anglican Church Ashgrove


  • Christine Wood (discipleship pastor) at Gateway Baptist Mackenzie Campus

(in Sydney, women are not permitted to be the senior minister at Anglican Churches due to Synod ruling)


  • Carolyn Altman (guest speaker)
    Home Church Bayside Community,


  • Amanda Antcliff (executive pastor) at C3 SYD


  • Pam Borrow @pamborrow (preaching team) at C3SYD , Principal C3 College


  • Sue Botta (senior co-pastor) @sue_botta at C3 Carlingford


  • Sophie Brodie (pastor) at Georges River Life Church grlc

  • Penelope Carpentier at Waitara Anglican


  • Briony Davidson (assistant minister) at South Head Anglican Parish


  • Rev Ellie Elia (minister) at Glenbrook Uniting Church


  • Cathy Ellis (guest preacher) at St Mary's Balmain


  • Deb Glassford (guest preacher)
    Yass Community Baptist Church, ,


  • Suz Gorham (guest speaker) 
    Senior Police Chaplain


  • Erica Hamence (associate minister) at St Barnabas, Broadway


  • Katie Haldance (Senior College Lecturer C3 College)


  • Tania Harris (guest preacher) @taniaharris


  • Ness Hughes (assistant pastor) at St Andrews, Roseville


  • Sue Irwin (senior pastor) at The Grainery Chuch, Newcastle


  • Fiona Isaacs (guest speaker) @fiisaacs at St Marks Darling Point


  • Beth Jackson (senior pastor) at St Ives Baptist Church


  • Jeri Jones Sparks (assistant minister) at St James Croydon - evangelistic talks

  • Gayle Kent (guest preacher) 
    Macquarie Chapel Presbyterian Church:
    Ryde Presbyterian Church:
    Morling College:


  • Jessica Keryaks (lay preacher) at Penrith Baptist Church


  • Lyn Kidson (guest preacher) at Carlingford Baptist Church @lyn_kidson


  • Belinda Lakelin 
    Itinerant preaching in Baptist Churches in NSW & ACT


  • Alison Leader (guest preacher)


  • Melissa Lipsett (guest preacher)
    Guest preacher in her role as COO Baptist World Aid, and as an ordained minister in the Uniting Church


  • Kirsten Long (childrens and families minister) at Wyong Baptist Church


  • Louisa Macourt (assistant pastoral minister) @l_macourt at St John's Ashfield


  • Erin Martine Sessions (guest speaker)including

  • Emma Matheson (pastor)
    Earlwood Baptist Church


  • Sophia McCrindle (guest preacher)


  • Jill McGilvray (guest preacher - under the authority of the male senior minister)
    Springwood Presbyterian Alive@Five service


  • Alison Moffitt (pastoral assistant) at Christ Church Inner West, mostly at St Alban’s Five Dock @spally
    Sermons available at


  • Edwina Murphy (Senior Lecturer in Christian Thought and History, Morling College)
    Guest preacher at Blakehurst Baptist


  • Bev Murrill (guest preacher) @BevMurrill
    Senior church pastor for 40 years in Australia and UK


  • Erica Oliver (assistant minister) at St Marks Darling Point


  • Lily Strachan (guest preacher) at Macquarie Chapel


  • Cecily Paterson (guest preacher) at St Stephens Belrose


  • Emily Payne (priest in charge) at Anglican Parish of Northern Albury


  • Megan Powell du Toit (guest preacher) at Thornleigh Baptist (other women also preach here) @megandutoit


  • Melissa Ramoo (guest preacher)
    Concord Baptist Church, Sydney Tamil Christian Church


  • Christine Redwood (lead pastor) at Seaforth Baptist


  • Vicki Simpson @vickisimpson (guest preacher) based in C3 SYD, Oxford Falls


  • Jenni Stoddart (assistant minister) at Eastwood Anglican 


  • Jackie Stoneman (ex principal of Mary Andrews College, guest preacher)


  • Radhika Sukumar-White (senior minister) at Leichhardt Uniting Church


  • Jan Syme (guest preacher) at St Mary's Balmain 

  • Emma Walsh (guest preacher) at Lismore Baptist Church @Revem74


  • Amy Watkins (associate pastor) at Northside Baptist Church, Crows Nest


  • Alison Whalley (guest preacher) at Christ Church Lavender Bay, Central West under Bishop Mark Calder

  • Mandy Wheatley (senior minister) at Narooma Anglican (also Jane Simmonds, Karly Ferguson, Thea Yates and Carol McCabe))


  • Jo Wilton (senior pastor) at C3 Reach Miranda


  • Cath Wynn Jones (guest preacher) at St Mary's Balmain 

  • Nicole Yule (guest preacher) at Rouse Hill Baptist


  • Sarah Agnew (senior minister) at Wesley Canberra Uniting Church @sarahsstories


  • Carol Davison (senior minister) @redalert59 at Kippax Uniting Church


  • Margaret Emil (acting senior minister) at St Johns Reid ACT


  • Belinda Groves (senior pastor) at Canberra Baptist, Kingston, ACT


  • Aimee Kent (senior minister) @aimeelkent at Kippax Uniting Church


  • Riana Kok (senior minister) at Yarralumla Uniting Church


  • Miriam Parker Lacey (senior minister) at Canberra City Church and St Columba’s Braddon Uniting Church


  • Elizabeth Raine (senior minister) at Tuggeranong Uniting Church @shenstone121


  • Jillian Reay-Smith @jreaysmith
    Redhill Church


  • Genievive Blackwell (bishop)


  • Elizabeth Breakey (senior minister) @elizbreakey
    Bellarine Gateway Anglican Parish,
    Frequently speaks at the Leopold ANZAC memorial services


  • Maria Brand (senior minister) at Mullum Mullum Anglican Church
    YouTube channel:


  • Amy Brown (senior associate minister) at St Jude’s Anglican Church, Carlton.


  • Angela Cook (senior minister) at St. Augustine's Moreland


  • Wendy Crouch (assistant priest) at St Stephen's Anglican Church, Richmond


  • Megan Curlis-Gibson (senior minister) at Deep Creek Anglican Church, Doncaster East


  • Jody Destry (senior pastor) at Discovery church


  • Sally Douglas (senior pastor) at Richmond Uniting Church, Richmond


  • Jill Firth @jilfirth
    Lecturer, Ridley College


  • Carolyn Francis (senior minister) at Collins Street Baptist Church


  • Jenny George (guest preacher) at St James Old Cathedral, West Melbourne


  • Julie Hunt (senior minister) at Newport Baptist Church


  • Megan Jung (lead pastor) Williamstown Church of Christ


  • Deborah Kottek at Yarra Ranges Parish of the Uniting Church


  • Julie-Anne Laird (young adults pastor) at All Saints Greensborough


  • Katrina Lambert (associate pastor) at NewHope @katrinalambert_


  • Tracey Lauersen (senior minister) at St. Paul’s Warragul


  • Jill McCoy (senior minister) at Anglican parish of Ocean Grove & Barwon Heads.


  • Beck Miller (assistant pastor) at Merri Creek Anglican Church


  • Bree Mills @breemills (guest preacher)

  • Karen Morris (lay preacher) at St Stephen's Greythorn


  • Elizabeth Murray (senior minister) at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Williamstown


  • Denise Nicholls (senior minister) @RevDJNicholls at Bayule Anglican Church


  • Sarah Paterson (guest preacher)


  • Jenny Poulter (assistant pastor) at St Paul's Anglican Church Caulfield North


  • Jay Robinson (senior minister) at Murrumbeena Uniting Church


  • Natalie Rosner (assistant pastor) at St Hilary's Anglican Church, Kew.


  • Amanda Saenz (assistant pastor)


  • Alison Sampson (senior minister) at Sanctuary Baptist Church


  • Alex Sangster (minister of the word) at Fairfield Uniting Church


  • Trudi Sayers (pastor) at Red Church, Blackburn South (also Bethany Allen, Hannah Heather, Brittany White, Sarah Deutscher) 


  • Bekkii Scott (senior minister) at Boronia Community Church of Christ


  • Emily Simpson (senior minister) at Melton Baptist Church


  • Katecia Taylor (senior minister) @KateciaT at St Kilda Elsternwick Baptist Church


  • Sonia Thomas (senior co minister) at Inner Life


  • Sharon Valentino (senior minister) at Surfcoast Anglican


  • Robyn J Whitaker (guest preacher)


  • Karen Winsemius (assistant pastor) at Oaktree Anglican, Caulfield North


  • Laura Young (assistant pastor) at Boronia Community church of Christ


  • Kelly Dunn (preaching team) at C3 Church Hobart


  • Ruth Hanlon (senior minister) at St Luke's Anglican Church Taroona


  • Ella Hickey (preaching team) at C3 Church Hobart


  • Jackie Law (preaching under the authority of a male leader)


  • Leonie Silk (assistant pastor) at Anglican Parish of Clarence South - Howrah, South Arm


  • Susan Willis (archdeacon of north west Tasmania)
    Old Sermons online at St Annes Ryde Anglican Church website


  • Sonya Betram (associate pastor) at Marion Church of Christ


  • Tricia Bishop (senior minister) at Camden Baptist


  • Sandy Boyce (senior minister) Pilgrim Uniting Church


  • Casey Burgess (lay preacher) at Enfield Baptist Church


  • Christy Capper at Adelaide West Uniting Church @christy.capper
    Acting principal of Uniting College for Leadership and Theology


  • Isabel Coleman (youth pastor) at Life Church Ingle Farm


  • Lisa Cornish (senior pastor) at Barossa Community Church


  • Melinda Cousins (Director of Ministries BCSA)
    Teaching pastor at Richmond Baptist; Baptist churches across SA


  • Miranda Dixon (assistant pastor) at Unley Park Baptist
    Also teaches preaching at Tabor College


  • Janine Donato (assistant pastor) at Influencers Church


  • Rachael Foster (guest preacher) at Broadview Baptist


  • Jess Frost (lay preacher) at Enfield Baptist Church


  • Julie Gardiner (co-lead pastor) at Christies Beach Baptist


  • Sophie Gerrie (associate pastor) Richmond Baptist


  • Michaela Gonzalez (guest preacher) at Rostrevor Baptist


  • Sjhana Greenwood (co-lead pastor) at Influencers Church


  • Nona Gregory (campus pastor) at Village Church Melrose Park


  • Ashlee Haakmeester (online pastor) at Clovercrest Baptist


  • Donna Hall (co-senior pastor) at Lifepoint Church


  • Beth Hoy (senior pastor) Aberfoyle Park Baptist


  • Sarah Lawson (guest preacher) @LawsonSarahA
    eg Mount Barker Baptist -


  • Cheryl McCallum (staff) at Malvern Uniting Church


  • Esther McInerney at Rostrevor Baptist


  • Jenny Pryor (senior pastor)
    Laura Baptist
    Port Pirie Baptist


  • Wendy Radford (lead pastor) at Austral Asian Community Church


  • Heather Restall (senior pastor) at Colonel Light Gardens Church of Christ


  • Verity Riessen (assistant pastor) at Aldgate Church of Christ


  • Chelsea Russack (associate pastor) at Trinity Baptist, Colonel Light Gardens


  • Erin Spavin (families pastor) at Enfield Baptist Church


  • Michelle Stevens (executive pastor) at Clovercrest Baptist


  • Cass Tompich (assistant pastor) at Christian Family Centre Seaton


  • Sara Walding (assistant pastor) at Blackwood Hills Baptist Church


  • Yvette Cherry (guest preacher) @yvettecherry20


  • Kay Goldsworthy (Anglican Archbishop Perth)
    Archbishop of Perth, occasionally preaches at St Georges Cathedral, at other churches and online.


  • Lorna Green (senior minister) at St Nicolas Anglican Church, Parish of Carine- Duncraig


  • Jess Magowan (associate pastor)


  • Monica O’Neil (senior minister) at Living Grace Dianella


  • Bronwen Speedie (associate pastor) at Perth Baptist Church @GodsDesignPerth


  • Suzie Ray (senior minister) at St James Anglican Church, Sanderson


  • Toni Rehrmann (associate pastor) at Darwin Baptist Church


  • Helen Richmond (senior minister) at Casuarina Uniting


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