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Beyond Sex Roles. Gilbert Bilezikian
But is it Real? Amy Orr Ewing

Choose Joy. Kay Warren
Daughters of Freedom. Janet West
Finally Feminist. John Stackhouse
Gifted to Lead. Nancy Beach
God is For Us. Simon Ponsonby
God's Empowering Presence. Gordon Fee
Gospel Women. Richard Bauckham
Half the Church. Carolyn Custis James
How God Became King. Tom Wright
How I Changed my Mind About Women in Leadership. Alan F Johnson
How to Read the Bible Book by Book. Gordon Fee, Douglas Stuart
How to Read the Bible for all its Worth. Gordon Fee, Douglas Stuart
Interrupted. Jen Hatmaker
Jesus Feminist. Sarah Bessey
Junia - the First Woman Apostle. Eldon Jay Epp
Junia is Not Alone. Scot McKnight

Lost Women of the Bible. Carolyn Custis James
Loving Mercy. Simon Ponsonby

Malestrom. Carolyn Custis James
Mere Christianity. C S Lewis
More. Simon Ponsonby
Nice Girls Don't Change the World. Lynne Hybels
One Life. Scot McKnight
Paul and Gender. Cynthia Long Westfall
Paul, the Spirit and the People of God. Gordon Fee
Raising Women Leaders. Jacqui Grey, Shane Clifton

Redeeming Sex. Debra Hirsch
Restorative Christ. Geoff Broughton
Say Yes to God. Kay Warren
Simply Christian. Tom Wright
Simply Good News. Tom Wright
Stay the Path. Bobbie Houston
Surprise the World. Michael Frost
Surprised by Hope. Tom Wright
Surprised by Scripture. Tom Wright
Surrender to Love. David Benner
The Blue Parakeet. Scot McKnight
The Divine Conspiracy. Dallas Willard
The First Letter to the Corinthians. Brian Rosner & Roy E. Ciampa

The Gospel of Ruth. Carolyn Custis James
The Great Divorce. C S Lewis
The King Jesus Gospel. Scot McKnight
The Purpose Driven Life. Rick Warren
The Ragamuffin Gospel. Brennan Manning
The Real Mary. Scot McKnight

The Sisterhood. Bobbie Houston
To Alter Your World. Michael Frost & Christiana Rice

Too Busy Not to Pray. Bill Hybels
Unashamed. Christine Caine
Undaunted. Christine Caine

Unstoppable. Christine Caine
Untamed. Alan & Debra Hirsch

Why Trust the Bible. Amy Orr-Ewing
Women and the Genesis of Christianity. Ben Witherington III
Women and Worship at Corinth. Lucy Peppiatt
Women in the Church. Stanley Grenz & Denise Muir Kjesbo
Women in the Earliest Churches. Ben Witherington III
Women in the World of the Earliest Christians. Lynn H Cohick


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