An invitation to lament this Good Friday

The first good Friday did not appear by any means good to those who were following Jesus. Their world was being turned upside down. The disciples, the 12 and the women who followed Jesus lost their sense of normality and purpose. Jesus was hanging on a cross about to die. They were filled with anguish that their messiah hung on a tree. When he died, they lost all sense of hope and mourned what they thought God was doing. It seemed like evil had won and that darkness had overcome the world. Even Jesus last words on the cross, the quote of the words of Psalm 22 ‘My God, My God why have you forsaken me” is a cry of lament. It is also an invitation for us as people of God to join in crying

A divine invitation to the wilderness

Words that only a few short months ago meant nothing to us now send shivers down our spines. Words like self-isolation, social distancing and lockdown. These words have changed the way we live, and while I am an introvert, they have even left me feeling a little claustrophobic! In a world where so many people are already struggling with loneliness and isolation, they are now feeling more disconnected than ever. Loneliness is an emotional response to isolation and it’s completely normal to feel alone in different times of your life and in different circumstances. Loneliness is a state of the heart and can affect you whether you are physically alone, or you are always in a crowd. I wonder in t

Fear in the time of Corona

It’s very easy to be afraid right now. Afraid of the coronavirus infecting us or our family Afraid of our hospitals becoming overwhelmed with extremely sick people Afraid of loosing our jobs or income Afraid of spending too much time alone Afraid of running out of food or toilet paper Afraid of loosing control of our lives In fact, these fears are not irrational. They are very rational. Right now, we are acutely aware that we are not in control. There is a pandemic virus which is rapidly spreading throughout the world, and it is in our cities, at our doorsteps. People are dying, health systems are being overwhelmed, many, many people are losing their jobs and their incomes. We are being isol

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