Hope from Hannah

1 Samuel 1 tells what seems like a sad story to begin with. Hannah who is greatly loved by her husband is heartbroken, disappointed and jealous. Wow, don’t they sound like familiar emotions for us all?! While Hannah’s husband loved her, he also had another wife, Peninnah (that was normal back then to have more than one wife). Peninnah was cruel and spiteful towards Hannah because their husband loved Hannah more. All Hannah desired was a child, yet she was barren. Her barrenness became the bait that Peninnah would use to taunt and provoke her year after year. In Hannah’s prolonged wait she faced envy, anger, deep anguish, irritation and disappointment. As each year passed I can imagine how Ha

Have you lost ‘The Dream of You’?

Jo Saxton’s newest book ‘The Dream of You’ is released this week and I was very thankful to be given an advanced copy to read and reflect on. A big fan of Jo’s last book ‘Influential’, one of the first books I read many years ago that spoke to many of the struggles women come up against in ministry, I was excited to see what wisdom she had to share this time around. Staying with one of her key passions, Jo addresses women directly, and personally through a series of letters that open each chapter to women, as she systematically addresses different struggles women face in life and ministry. As I read the early chapters it brought back memories of the struggles I have faced over the years, the


John 4:4-42 Photina is a prime example of victim blaming. Divorced 5 times in an era when only men could instigate divorce, she has nevertheless been slut-shamed by preachers for hundreds of years. Why? Because she was trafficked, and somehow, she must have done something to cause that. When we think about her, we don’t think further than the preaching we’ve heard, that she was a brazen, immoral woman. This idea has gone unchallenged for centuries; another example of the way in which we don’t think for ourselves about what the Bible says, but take for truth the teachings we’ve been enculturised in. In OT and NT societies, women were chattels, bought, sold, given away, and married off to expe

Engaging with the Bible beyond merely reading

“Walking around the Cologne Cathedral seeing the biblical story unfold on the stained-glass windows was an “a-ha!” moment for me, as I realised that the biblical text has not always, or even primarily, been engaged with as written words on a page. Listening to the words of Psalm 122 spoken from memory by a local resident as I walked through the Zion Gate entering the Old City of Jerusalem for the first time, I recognised that these ancient words visualised a real place and spoke to me about my own place in the world. Whenever I read the opening words of Psalm 139 and hear in my imagination the voice of God speaking through the version I memorised as a six-year-old, I appreciate the powerful

Entering a New Year: Playing with the Spirit

This year, I was honoured to be asked to preach at the Christmas Eve service of St George’s Anglican Church Paddington, Sydney. This unique community of very intelligent Christians is led by Rev Dr Geoff Broughton. I respect their commitment to not only hear but also amplify women’s voices inside a conservative Sydney diocese. This midnight service was led by the Reverend, assisted by Jessica Smith from Common Grace, with music by Dr Matt Anslow, and contributions from Phil Wilcox, one of Australia’s best poets. I’ll be honest, it can be pretty intimidating to take the pulpit at an event like this, as a Pentecostal. Any one of the above people could have preached. But it was my designated ro

Speak your truth. Church, are you listening?

Oprah’s speech at the 75th Golden Globes has rallied millions of women. The first black woman to receive the Cecil B DeMille award for outstanding contribution to the entertainment industry, Oprah used the platform to encourage woman everywhere that "a new dawn is coming". A world where women have a voice, where they will be treated as equals, where they will be honoured and respected. Church, are you listening? This past year we have seen many, many women speak up about issues of sexual abuse. The #MeToo campaign, popularised by those in the entertainment industry, and the following flood of social media posts made sure that no woman felt alone as a survivor of abuse, including me. Sharin

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