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Fixing Her Eyes is an Australian Christian site sharing articles and stories by women. The site covers topics including domestic and family violence, preaching, church history, women in the church, egalitarianism, complementarianism, the Trinity, Holy Spirit, social justice, theology.

Videos from FHE Conference 2018

Larissa Minnecon - Welcome to Country

Jodene Watling - Life with God

Louisa Macourt - Being Faithful to God

Kylie Maddox Pidgeon - Her Story

Kath Henry - Prayer

Philippa Lowe - Keeping your "Be Happy"

Jennifer Barker - Welcome

Fiona Isaacs - Light in the Darkness

Bev Murrill - Loving the Church, even if it hurts

Robyn Claydon - Not so Downton Abbey

Karina Kreminski - Embodying the beauty of Jesus

Michael Jensen - How to Die Well

Tanya Riches - What Women Want

Mark Leach - For Such a Time as This

Megan Powell du Toit - Benediction


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