The Illusion of Balance

Have you ever felt the pressure to live a ‘balanced’ life? To find the right family / work balance or the right balance between study, friends, family and health. I have tried for many years to find this illusive ‘balance’ and to be honest it always escapes my grasp. It seems like such a great idea and I have strived to live a balanced life, yet I feel like life is more like a juggling act (and one where I drop the balls more than I would like to admit). When I was a child and would go to the playground I loved the see-saw! One of my favourite things to do was to try and see if my sister and I could make it balance. We always failed miserably because she was 18 months older than me so I alwa

TGI 60 or Sixty with Terminal Cancer – what’s to be thankful for?!

TGI Friday (Thank God it’s Friday) is an American restaurant chain operating around the world. A little while ago I had a Thank God I’m 60! party. Just over two years ago, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. When it was found, it was already stage four, with secondaries in my bones and brain. The statistics were stark: 50% of people with stage four lung cancer are dead in 5 months, and less than 5% are still alive after two years. The 5thmost-commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, it is still the leading cause of death from cancer. At the time I thought, “I probably won’t see my 60th birthday.” It joined the long list of things I didn’t have to think about any more. At the time I knew

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