Did Jesus ever get songs stuck in his head?

Have you ever been going about your day and a worship song just pops into your head? A part of a chorus that just keeps playing over and over, like a soundtrack to your activity? Sure, Baby Shark gets stuck in there too sometimes, but I much prefer a song that acts as a prayer for me to worship and meditate on as I ride the bus, stand in the supermarket queue, sit in traffic, or do the chores. A little while ago I was thinking about this and a random prayer popped into my mind: Jesus, did you ever get songs stuck in your head? He was human, like us, and most of us experience earworms at some point, so I can’t see why he wouldn’t have…. but how could we ever know? I felt my question was an in

Always be a Martha

I love Martha. I visit her story again and again to draw from her spunk and strength as a sister in Christ. Yet all too often I see her used as an example of failed discipleship not a woman of valour. Nobody wants to be a Martha. Marthas fuss and fluster. Marthas are too busy for Jesus. Marthas are ridged and unemotional. Marthas are blind to the important things. But was this really Martha? Let me encourage you to look at her again. During his travels Jesus visits the village of Bethany. Here Martha opens her home to Jesus and his disciples. No parents and no husband are mentioned in Martha’s picture, suggesting she is a young woman perhaps both orphaned and widowed who capably managed a ra

5 minutes with Jo

About me Hello. My name is Jo Hutchens and I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband, Eric, and our darling dog, Sumo (who is a very small Yorkshire Terrier). Our daughter, Emily, has ‘flown the coop’ and lives just an hour away. I have worked in event management, marketing, advertising, fundraising and customer service most of my life. I am also a qualified interior decorator, shopkeeper and have recently written my first children’s storybook – a rhyme and colouring book based on Jonah and the big fish. Well Versed Homes is my business which is an online Christian homewares and giftware retail store. We offer a range of beautifully designed and carefully curated products which are uni

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