Talking About Talking About Abortion

Fiona: I haven’t met Laura, but she is someone whose writing I have respected for a while. We fell into a conversation on Facebook, sharing discontent about how the discourse around abortion is currently playing out in our feeds and sometimes in our churches. We wonder if this topic is best explored as a conversation and so we want to invite you into ours. Why do you know that this issue is complicated? What is the story that broke you open to it? Laura: The birth of my first child was the joyful end to short battle with infertility. After spending the first season of marriage trying to avoid pregnancy, it came as a shock that a baby did not instantly result from our change in plans. It was

5 minutes with Jenny

Tell us a little about yourself I have a passion for helping people flourish. It’s for this reason that for the past 15 years I have continued to develop my skills as an individual, couple, and family counsellor/therapist. But really it all started 35 years ago when I was an anorectic schoolgirl. I was so underweight that people would call me “Anna” (short for “anorexic”). It was from then, that I decided I would not let my experiences be for nothing and instead dedicate myself and my experiences to helping people deal with their struggles in life – be it eating disorders or any other struggles that rob fullness of life. What is your favourite bible passage and why? Might seem strange but

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