Perseverance is something of a theme for us at Fixing Her Eyes this year. 2 Timothy 2 presents us with three images of perseverance as we fix our eyes on Jesus. There is the suffering soldier who pleases only his commanding officer (v.3-4), the athlete who becomes victor because she has competed according to the rules (v.5), and the hardworking farmer who will receive the first share of the crops (v.6). But what if as you march, you are blinded by the sweat running into your eyes so you can’t see your commanding officer? What if as your feet bleed into your sneakers and your legs grow weak, you despair of reaching the finish line at all, let alone victorious? How do you face getting up tomor

5 minutes with Cheryl

About me I’m Cheryl – I’m thirty years old. I was born in the US, and live in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (but I still have an accent!!). My background is in editing and publishing, but after a short foray into book publishing, I’ve moved into communications and writing in the not-for-profit sector. I also write for a number of Christian blogs, including my own: What's your favourite bible passage & why? Eccleasiastes 3:1-8 is definitely up there. It's been oddly comforting when I've felt down and negative about life, that there's at time for everything in life and that God is in charge of the good and the bad. How do you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus? Some people

5 minutes with Jessie

Where do you live? Hamlyn Terrace, Central Coast What do you love about living where you do? The beaches are definitely my favourite that’s for sure! Tell us about something the local church is doing that inspires you ... I love how our church has a heart for the community. Not just in a ‘bringing them to Jesus and that's that’ way, but in a deep, connected way. I see people who love Jesus, going out into the community and actually BEING Jesus to others. It's not artificial in any way and God is doing big things through the small, everyday opportunities within the local community. Tell us a little about yourself I'm Jessie, I'm 34 (I think!), I have an amazing husband, Brad, and we have two

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