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Poem for International Women's Day 2023 - Her Body is Good

The safety features Of your car are Designed, tested And built on the Presumption That your body Is standard male Not any other Diversion, aversion, Of apex humanity. Can you see him In your mind already? You know. He knows. His body is good. But Her breasts, womb, Hips and hormones, Lighter bones, Are heresies. Thus, we create To accommodate his Driving and thriving. While other bodies Bruise With Disbelieved wounds.

Invalid. Invalids.

I have a child’s Bible that says God completed Creation then Rested then Constructed Women after Getting up on The eighth day. What does this say?

I read today Of Bindi Irwin’s Battle with pain And being told By a doctor That pain Was something You simply Deal with As a woman. Not first offered Help and healing. Not first shielded by a system intent On her flourishing. But I guess in this Consumer culture When tools break It’s cheaper to use New tools than to Treat and to tend.

The womb wanders, Thought the ancients. Wombs must be chained, Said the moderns, Puppy-milled to Produce product At any expense To the unruly host. But not granted A safe seatbelt.

There are those Within the church Who debate At the gate Of salvation That her mouth Her heart Are not fit To fulfil God’s Great Commission.

If your Gospel Begins at the fall Then all bodies Are putrid. And If eschatology Ends with earth Destroyed, your Body is void. But If faith begins and Ends in the garden With God, then Your body is good. Wounded, bruised, Cut and stitched, Surviving Subsisting Wounds of sin Errant systems God is gardening Back to Eden. To belong. Embedded. Embodied. Held safe With God.


Hello, I’m Laura Tharion, and I am passionate about spreading the joy and wonder to be found in living a resurrected life inside Jesus Christ. I enjoy tea, cake, history, hammocks, wild bushland, gardening, reading, and gifting my favourite books into the hands of others. I had the pleasure of studying at Sydney Missionary and Bible College before my three lovely little boys arrived to fill my days. Here I picked up the pet soap-boxes of mission advocacy and teaching the Bible as one unified story. I have a heart to write—sermons, studies, articles, meditations, poetry, and epic novels, all which aim to explore theology and encourage everyone to fully realise all they have been given and commissioned in Christ.


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