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5 minutes with Kaye

Tell us a little about you…

My name is Kaye Reid and I’ve been learning and seeking to follow Jesus throughout my life. When I was younger I specifically didn’t want to be married to a minister or an elder, but here I am in ministry and leadership myself. I am the Director of Ministries at Ringwood Church of Christ, a fabulous faith community in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, where I have lived for much of my life. I live with my husband Paul, and our youngest adult daughter in a beautiful green area on the edge of the suburbs. Our other adult kids are married and they and their partners are currently living in Australia (due to COVID) and continue to share life together with us as a family through these strange times.

Do you have a favourite bible passage? If so, what it is and why?

This year I received from God in my spirit this scripture to hold to this year. It was early on New Year’s Day sitting by the lake near our home.

Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. (Mt 11:29)

I am still sitting with this scripture and allowing it to keep inviting me. I continue to seek union with God, the object and subject of my one precious life, from a posture that is safe, supported and shared. I desire for my character to become more and more like God’s character – gentle, strong, rigorous, humble, compassionate, just and loving. And as I lean back into the grace of God, rather than striving and trying, then I will and do find rest for my soul.

How do you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus?

Every day I wake up and choose to follow Jesus, again. I open the curtains on the day, hop back into bed to look out the window, and a phrase from an old hymn ‘morning by morning new mercies awaken my soul’ runs through my mind as an invitation to the day.

I love the work of Ruth Haley Barton and among her many great books and podcast in particular is one called Strengthening the Soul of your Leadership. I practice numerous spiritual disciplines that support and equip me in an ongoing dialogue with God. This is the space that I live, work and play from. As an introvert in ministry and leadership I have had to learn to bring much, but not all, of my spiritual life out in front of me so it is accessible for others. My communion with God is where I lead and minister from.

What would you like the next generation of Christian women to know?

That you can find your own voice and style. You don’t have to be like the many men that have come before and nor do you need to be a particular idea of what women are like, or even what Christian women are like. Discover your unique contribution, that which you have been created to be, y