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5 minutes with Kaytie

Tell us a little about yourself

I am twenty three years old and married to an amazing man named Adam. This year I became a mother to the prettiest little girl, Milani. I taught dance for 7 years and am now pursuing a career in photography. I grew up travelling Australia and have recently settled in Newcastle with my little family.

What’s your favourite bible passage & why?

1 John 4:10 - This is love: not that we have loved God but that He loves us and gave His Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sin.

I hold this verse close to my heart. It is a constant reminder to me of God’s unconditional and unfathomable love for us.

How do you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus?

Surrounding myself with worship music and good fellowship definitely helps me to fix my eyes on Jesus especially when life is chaotic and daily reading is a struggle.

What would you like the next generation of Christian women to know?

Something that has struck me recently is that we can so easily wish away our lives.. "I can't wait until I'm married", "I can't wait until I get a better job", "I can't wait until I have kids", "I can't wait until my baby is older and I can get more sleep", and so on. We need to be striving for contentment in our current season of life. Things may seem easier or better in the future but life is hard. Cherish the joyful moments, know that the hard times will pass, and have hope in the everlasting life with Christ.

What’s one thing you love about your local church?

I love that God’s Word is being preached faithfully each week.

What did you learn about God at a time in your life you found hard?

I think something I always knew in theory about God, but truly learnt through trial, is that He does have a plan and will bring good out of the impossibly hard. Through miscarriage and chronic illnesses, it can be hard to see the purpose of the pain or how life will ever improve but I have come to see how God has been working in me and through those times.

What are you passionate about?

Where to even begin! I am passionate about photography particularly capturing those special moments in life and portraying the unique stories of those in front of the camera. I am very passionate about helping small handmade businesses thrive through product photography. I love using art (in my case both dance and photography) to connect with others and bring glory to God. I’m also passionate about youth & children’s ministry, scripture in schools, my family and friendships.

What do you enjoy doing when you rest?

I enjoy reading novels, listening to music, playing board games, knitting, watching movies and spending time with my loved ones.

Instagram: @kaytierichphotography

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