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5 minutes with Steph ...

Tell us a little about yourself I'm special education teacher, a mum of 3 young boys, married to a wanna-be rock star PD/H/PE teacher, and am currently on maternity leave from an awesome teaching job. What's your favourite bible passage & why? Too many to count. But I have been focussing on kindness with my 6 year old so Ephesians 4:32. Simply, "Be kind and compassionate to one another..." in all you do as a reflection of Christ. How do you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus? This has been a big test throughout the past year as our 1 year old has introduced challenges into our lives that have forced us to either feel anger and frustration or to fix our eyes on Jesus and the blessings that he has given us daily. What would you like the next generation of Christian women to know? To cherish the body that God gave you. He's given us one body. feed it well, treat it kindly, know it's perfect, respect what it is capable of, realise that it is amazing and can do miraculous things, and in doing so thank God for how he has created you, flaws and all. What did you learn about God at a time in your life you found hard? This has been the hardest year of my life to memory. I have struggled with extreme sleep deprivation which has sent me a tad batty at times. I have learnt to completely rely on God to get me through each minute. I've had to rely wholeheartedly on him to keep me awake, well and capable of caring for 3 children. I also learnt to listen to the Holy Spirit more than I have ever done. That guidance kept me afloat. What are you passionate about? My children, my marriage, dance, being by the ocean What do you enjoy doing when you rest? There is only sleep or go go go! No, to rest I enjoy reading with a coffee in hand or pilates in front of the telly.

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