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My Postcode - 3220

- Where do you live?

I live in Geelong, Victoria. I actually live on the campus of Geelong Grammar School, where my husband works as a math’s teacher and boarding tutor. It’s the largest boarding school in Australia, so it’s a unique place to live!

- What do you love about living where you do?

I love the sound of the students chatting and playing right outside my door. I also love the community on campus. Most of the staff live here with their families, so it’s more like a little village than a school. Everyone on campus looks out for each other, and I’ve never been anywhere where the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is more appropriate!

- Something the local church is doing that inspires you?

We go to a church in Highton, Geelong. Although we’re fairly new, we already feel

incredibly at home there, thanks to everyone’s warmth and hospitality. We felt it on the first night we visited the church and they had a soup supper after the service. It was just a little gesture, and not uncommon, but it was the first time, and not the last, that I saw how seriously they all value the fellowship they gain from meeting together. It’s not always any easy culture to create, and I think it’s comes from just a few humble individuals making an effort and leading the way.

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