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My Postcode - 2120

Inside a favourite Thornleigh cafe where I always run into locals - called Curl the Whisker, and as you can see it also sells vintage wares.

Name: Megan

Postcode: 2120

Suburb: Thornleigh

What I love: This is the most community minded place I’ve ever lived - it’s like a country town. We moved here as many do in pursuit of more affordable housing that was still near family. But we love it - a sentiment shared by many Thornleigh denizens. It isn’t cool but its very neighbourly, with lots of trees and all the suburban modcons.

The local church: We have recently joined the local Baptist up the road, and we are loving being in a church so connected to the community we have lived in for over a decade. The church feels like a good fit for the community it is in - relaxed and friendly. I am impressed by their commitment to social justice as well. They have a social justice pastor, and 2 current focuses - refugees and gender equity.

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