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About Me ... I'm a farmer's daughter, a lover of this life I've been given, a wife who hit the jackpot, a keen traveller when life allows, a besotted mummy of Magnificent Mr 7 (soon to be Mr 8) & Little Miss 3, former primary teacher now tutoring from home, wannabe creative business owner, dedicated coffee-drinker & living in a beautiful part of the world on the south coast of NSW. - Favourite bible verse As the seasons of my life change, different parts of the Word jump out and grab me... But I've always had this passage engraved on my heart since I was a teenager & was encouraged to let God's light shine in my life... And to be bold! We're meant to stand out & glow with love like bright lights for God. The passage is Matthew 5:14-16 - How do I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus? I'm so blessed to live in a spectacularly beautiful part of God's creation, which reminds me daily of His awesome creativity & majesty! Simply going for a walk on a nearby coastal track brings my focus back to my Creator. I also find that I can't help but keep my eyes fixed on Jesus when I'm encouraged to do so... I'm grateful for a husband who does that encouraging, & so many friends & family who love a good cuppa & chat during the times I need to "re-fix". I read my bible so sporadically. I've never been an "every day" reader of the scriptures (I wish I had that discipline sometimes!), but His Word is the most powerful way of drawing me into that right relationship again & keeping me looking heavenward & not looking sideways... - Next generation to know ... Being the mum of a beautiful little world-changer girl, I would love the next gen of Christian women to know from an early age that His Grace is ALL you need... and that faith brings freedom, a life of being free to be you, to come to God just as you are because He will be strong in our weakness. I want them to know that they can hold firm to His Promises & trust Him in everything. And I pray every day that my daughter will grow up to see herself the way her loving Saviour sees her... So Loved. - One thing I love about church ... One thing that I love about my church is that we have a really eclectic group of believers who meet together to encourage & be encouraged. There is such a freedom to be yourself within our small community and people of all ages are valued & involved. - Learnt about God when life was hard When I've hit the inevitable speed-bumps of life, I've been unendingly overwhelmed with God's comfort & healing love. When I've drawn closer to God in hard times, it's always reminded me that He is all I need. If only I could remember this & not need to keep re-learning it!! I look back on some really tough times in my life with an unexpected sense of gratitude because they were my closest walks with God & there were no barriers getting between me & Him. It's like the Footprints poem that we all know, when you look back and see how He carried you through... - Passionate about ... Anyone who knows me knows how crazy passionate I am about my family. My hubby and my 2 kids are my world. They are walking talking gifts from God to me. They teach me so much, they fill my heart with so much joy that it will literally burst out of me one day!! I cherish this season as a young mum, where I get to lavish loads of love on my treasures & watch them grow. It's a privilege & a blessing to be at home full-time & nurturing these budding little lives. I am passionate about so many facets of this time of life... The simple things like coffee with friends, encouraging other young mums who need a smiley face in their day, sharing the journey together, not feeling alone, but embracing the people that God puts in our path. I often think that I'm part of a ministry that has no official title or roster... It's just called "checking-in" with one another & speaking life into a mum's day. That makes me happy... I'm also admittedly overly-passionate about turkish delight, shoes, tutu-tuesdays, matchy-matchy-mondays, my son's sometimes toothless grin & emerging freckles, my daughter's repunzel hair, watching how my pigeon pair love one another without condition & my husband's ability to create lemon meringue pies that are to die for AND build amazing cubbyhouses!! (Oh, and I'm passionate about waffling...) - Enjoy doing when I rest ... Well the obvious answer is to watch Gilmore Girls re-runs, but I also love going for walks at our local beach, calling friends for a catch-up, having a cuppa in our leafy backyard or watching a truly girly chick-flick. Although, this week all "rest" time is devoted to planning a fun 8th b'day party for my little guy... Which reminds me, time for a coffee!!

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