5 minutes with Jenni ...

- Tell us a little about you ... I’m little. In every school photo I sit in the same seat. First on the left. The shortest. I am a school chaplain these days and the Pulpit dwarfs me. In every church I have worked in they have built a box for me to stand on so I can be seen when I preach. It is God’s gift – it helps you work on humility when you need a box. It reminds you that God’s word is powerful, not you. I am a little preacher who is ordained as a deacon and has worked at Austinmer, South Coogee, Lavender Bay, East Corrimal, Pymble, Youthworks and Abbotsleigh helping people meet the big God who sent Jesus. I am a little wife who is still learning how to love my husband well after tw

From the ox and vineyard to the cubicle and kitchenette

Here is a troubling disconnect: I have rarely heard workplace conditions spoken of from a Christian perspective. Yet I have frequently heard of Christian workplaces and Christian bosses and colleagues who are acting in what I would consider sadly un-Christlike ways. One of the reasons we as Christians should be weighing in on these matters is that the average Australian spends about a third of their waking hours at work. If our whole lives are given to Christ, then we need to thoughtfully reflect on how that time is used. Just suggesting we should be witnesses in our workplace ignores the complexity of our working lives. Another reason is the Bible itself has quite a lot to say about the wo

My Postcode - 2101

- Where do you live? North Narrabeen - What do you love about living where you do? The cruisey, laid back, surf culture 'vibe'. I love that there are so many beautiful places to explore and experience Gods creation. The surf is pretty fun too! - Tell us about something the local church is doing that inspires you Every Friday morning at sunrise, people from the local churches get together to pray for revival on the Northern Beaches. I love that our community is so committed to prayer and seeking God to change the hearts of those who don't know him yet!

5 minutes with Di ...

- Tell us a little about yourself. I became a Christian at 18. I've been married to Murray for 26 years. We have 2 teenage sons. I'm a primary school teacher, former lead singer of a Christian band (Speaking of Sarah) and occasionally I'm a worship leader at my church. Christian music is a balm to my soul. Godly lyrics remind me to lift my eyes beyond my circumstances to trust in God's goodness and eternal hope. I have a degree majoring in Sociology and Education with a focus on Theories of Social Deviance (particularly on Domestic Violence in Australia), and the Sociology of Mental Health, Family and Religion. I have a PTC from Moore Theological College. - What's your favourite bible passag

Hangout with Lauren ...

- Tell us a little about yourself I grew up in Wahroonga (Sydney) with my 3 brothers and a sister and our beloved dog Sweetie (he is a boy - much to everyone's surprise!) He is also the best looking dog out there, he is a Labradoodle. He is so good looking that everyone stops us on the street to ask what kind of dog he is...! I recently got married to the wonderful Grant David and I am loving the challenges and new things about married life! I love a good Saturday Brunch but what makes it even better is if it’s raining. Last year I finished my Bachelor of Theology at Moore College which was a relief - after studying Greek for 3 years! I currently work for Crusaders as the Bookings Coordinato

Silver Linings

Hello, dear readers, Let me tell you a story. I was eleven. I was away from home for the first time ever, and I was crying into my pillow. But this wasn’t a case of ‘I miss my mum and three days of camp is soooo loooong’. This was boarding school, stuck out in the pine forests of the Himalayan mountains. I’d been away from home for ten weeks, and I was going to be away for another ten. There were no breaks. There was also no phone, no internet, no messaging and no Skype (nup, it hadn't been invented yet). So my pillow got wet. Almost every night. It would have been easier to cope if I’d been at boarding with my best friend. You see, that was where most of the problems came from. When w

My Postcode - 2103

- Where do you live? Mona Vale 2103 - What do you love about living where you do? It's a beautiful spot right on the beach, and I love being able to just walk to the beach. I especially love all the cafes and hanging out with people over food. - Tell us about something the local church is doing that inspires you. Our local church has just opened a DGR called Link Community Care, which is aimed at looking after the community in a number of ways. We currently have a food care ministry giving discount groceries to those in need. However, we are now looking at new ways to impact our community by starting a possible drop in centre for at risk youth and providing them with help and education

Prayer Always Fits

He had said he would go on the roller coaster. A 10 year old boy with a personality that preferred the safe rather than the risky. It had been a decision made with the encouragement of his Uncle. The bar that would lock us in was about to be pulled down and His eyes were full of fear. I, on the other hand, have adored the thrill of a roller coaster for as long as I can remember and was excited that we were about to experience the largest roller coaster in Disneyland. So often life feels like a roller coaster, doesn't it? The interesting thing is we can react very differently to life's events depending on our personalities and situations. What can be happiness to one person causes another to

Models of Women’s Leadership in the Bible (Part 4/4)

RETRIEVING THE MODELS In our current Western societies, women are no longer (technically) marginalised from power structures and access to power. They are certainly no longer legally defined by their relationship to men but are autonomous individuals who are free to make self-determining decisions within their community. Unlike women of the Old Testament, they have independent rights and are responsible for their own behaviour. Therefore while women may have been excluded from official public roles in the Old Testament, this situation is no longer the case. So the challenge is not for men and women to ‘cut-and-paste’ the (patriarchal) culture of the biblical community onto our contemporary c

You are Welcome

Home. It has so many different meanings, so many different connotations. When you think of ‘home’, what does it mean to you? Does it remind you of the house you live in, or maybe the house you long to have? Does it make you think of a person or a place? During my short-term mission in Uganda, I was blessed to enter a variety of homes. The many people that I met had one thing in common: generous hospitality. ‘You are welcome!’ is a common phrase heard in Uganda. It is an over-flowing of the hospitable hearts of a people devoted to welcoming. Our African brothers and sisters have a vital lesson to teach us in hospitality. Hospitality isn’t about your house, it’s about your heart. Welcoming is

5 minutes with Susanna

- Tell us a little about you My name is Susanna - I’m a typographer, designer and sometimes photographer from Brisbane. I am married to a pretty incred guy, and I love doing life with Jesus - he makes all things a pleasure! (editors note: see some of Susanna's beautiful work on her site!) - What's your favourite bible passage & why? Ohhhh - I have so so many! I would have to say at the moment though it’s Ephesians 3 in The Passion Translation - I just love how it puts the magnificence of how much God loves and adores us. "I pray he would pour out over you the unlimited riches of his glory and favour until supernatural strength floods your innermost being with his divine might and explosive p

Calling all Australian Creatives!

Hello! We are coming up to celebrating our first anniversary in September and with anniversaries come exciting new seasons! We are planning big things for our second year :) Before we had our very first article posted on the Fixing Her Eyes website, we had daily verses for the encouragement of our readers on Facebook and Instagram. Pointing people to the word of God and encouraging them to read their bible is core to who we are and what we do. One of the things that Fixing Her Eyes is keen to do is to support Australian Christian small business owners. We are offering 12 creative and fabulous photographers and artists the opportunity to feature their work on our site and social media pag

My Postcode - 2400

- Where do you live? I live in Moree, a small rural town in north-west of New South Wales, not far from the Queensland border. - What do you love about living where you do? I love the small community, and the way you see people you know every time you go down the street. I love it that the librarians and sales assistants know my kids and me by name. I love the fellowship in the local church. I love the small schools. I love that the longest I've ever had to wait in traffic has been less than five minutes. I love that I can walk to work. I love the clear skies at night and the way the Milky Way stretches out into infinity. I love the far horizons and the sunsets. I love watching s

5 minutes with Linda ...

- Tell us a little about yourself I am the oldest of five girls, which probably gives you the biggest clue as to my personality type :-) My sisters have been known to call me bossy whereas I prefer purposeful and assertive! I live in Wollongong with my husband, our two teenage children and an overindulged Labradoodle who has us all wrapped around his furry paw! I love family, friends, adventure and am a relatively, recent convert to coffee (it only took me 45 years to catch up). I have worked in lots of different jobs over the years from serving as an officer in the RAAF, high school teacher, volunteering in an orphanage in Hong Kong, pastor, writer and a few others in between but my greates

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