We Are Women

February 5, 2017


We are women
Walking in the spirit of Abigail
Unafraid to use our intelligence and resources
To protect those who depend on us
And to do what is right in Your sight


We are women
Walking in the spirit of Priscilla
Ready to use our gifts to let Your truth blossom
And cause untruth to wither and fade


We are women
Walking in the spirit of Miriam
Called to lead Your people
And ready to sing for joy
At what You have done among us


We are women
Walking in the spirit of Mary the virgin
Fully surrendered to You
In whatever surprising and dangerous and precious calling
You may ask of us


We are women
Walking in the spirit of Junia the apostle
Knowing that “one in Christ Jesus” might take us
Where no woman has trod before


We are women
Walking in the spirit of Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Susanna
Dwelling in the gratitude of what You have done for us
And willing to throw caution to the winds for Your sake


We are women
Walking in the spirit of Huldah
With the courage to speak uncomfortable truth to power
And thus become the midwives of holy transformation


We are women
Walking in the spirit of Phoebe the deacon
With our feet ready to carry Your message of good news
And our mouths ready to speak Your words

Wherever You may send us

We are women
Walking in the spirit of Mary of Bethany
Knowing that at Your feet is the only place to be –
The place of costly discipleship
And of Martha, with the courage to
Cast aside old wineskins to discover
The sweetness of the new wine Mary discovered in You


We are women
Walking in the spirit of Hagar
Finding that even in our deepest “valley of the shadow”
You are already there, and You see us – truly see us
Even when we have become so small
We can no longer see ourselves


We are women
Created by Your good design
In Your image and likeness
Lovingly shaped and knit together by You
To go forth in Your name


To dream dreams
To  prophesy
And to see visions
Through the outpouring of Your Spirit on us
Made whole in You





And wholly Yours.

Bronwen Speedie is the founder of the Western Australian-based ministry, God's Design-Perth, which seeks to bring clarity, healing, and encouragement through the biblical message of the equality of men and women. She is the author of a Bible study and resource kit about biblical equality titled, Men and Women: God's Design, and blogs at www.godsdesignperth.org. While writing, working full time as a chaplain, and parenting keep her busy, Bronwen also manages to make time for activities that bring her joy, like singing in an acapella choir and gardening (presumably by using a Time Turner borrowed from Hermione Granger).


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