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"There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens"- Ecclesiastes 3:1 Seasons. They're part of our lives. Not just the 4 which make up the calendar year, but the ones which add to the chapters of our life story. Some of them are predictable- like the teenage years. Others, not so much. Over the last 2+ years, we've all be impacted by seasons that we didn't see coming. Lockdown. Working from home. Learning from home. Global pandemic. Alongside these, many of us have also had to walk other seasons in life that have been just as unpredictable. Health challenges for ourselves or a loved one. Relationships which have blosmed or which come to an end. Transitions in our workplaces and work teams. Maybe even the end of a job or career which once felt secure and in which we found purpose. I know for myself that the last 2 years have been unpredictable at best: very little which could have been foreseen, both good unexpected blessings, but also life-changing hardship. At times the journey has felt like waking up and not knowing what the day will offer. At other times it has felt monotmous and predictable, a "groundhog day" existence of sorts where simple routines and even "going through the motions" became the norm. Perhaps you can relate. Maybe you're in a season of life now where it feels like a top spinning out of control, or you're stuck in a rut and not sure when the winds of change will blow your way.

In the Bible, we are reminded by the author of Ecclesiastes that life is one of seasons; and that many different facets contribute to the seasons of life- new things coming about; old things coming to a conclusion; times of both joy and sadness; times of investing and times or reaping what's been invested. This passage, which is arguably the most well-known passage in this wisdom book- and as a piece of trivia it was quoted in the film "Footloose"- reminds us that different seasons are a part of life. They can be contrary, and they encapsulate the breath and depth of the human experience.

Let's get real: sometimes the seasons in life are amazing- like counting down to a milestone birthday; a major holiday; or your wedding day. At other times, the seasons can, for lack of a better phrase, really suck- like waiting for test results from the specialist; to finish assessments and exams; or the end of a dieting goal. And yet, regardless of the seasons- be it enjoyable or difficult; stagnant or ever changing; God is over the it. The Sovereign Creator who sees all and knows all and pulls things together is aware of the seasons in our lives. It's not a surprise to Him, even if it is to us and those around us. That's a really good thing, because if it's not a surprise to God, then He isn't caught off guard or trying to figure out how to handle it. He's already there- and willing to help guide us through it if we but ask Him to.

So today, no matter the season that you are in, take it to God in prayer. Commit this season, whether you are thriving or just trying to survive, to the One who cares for you more than the sparrow and the flower (Matt. 6: 26-30), and be attune to how God is at work in your life and in your walk with Him as you seek to be more like Jesus. Jesus who Himself saw different seasons in His own earthly life is able to counsel and encourage us through our earthly life; for He is our faithful companion and our Great High Priest who intercedes for us (Heb. 4:14-16).


Dharshana is based in Sydney and currently works as a school chaplain. Prior to this she served in local churches in Youth and Young Adults ministry and completed her theological studies at Morling and Ridley. She loves a good book, old skool RnB, a close sports match, and going to the beach. More than these, she's passionate in seeing young people come to know Jesus for themselves, and encouraging women to be all that they were called to be in Christ.


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