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Book Review, The Artisan Soul

Erwin McManus is the founder of MOSAIC, a community of faith based in Los Angeles, California. I had never heard of him until I stumbled across an Instagram post advertising a yet to be released book called The Artisan Soul, Creating your life into a work of Art.

I was intrigued by the title so pre-ordered the book and dove straight in when it arrived. Boy am I glad I did. What a find!

Immediately I was struck by the boldness and conviction behind the words.

Erwin McManus is clearly a man driven by a God-given passion to see people established and released into their identity in Christ, their true identity. Through his raw honesty, insights into art, understanding of the Bible and his personal experience, I was taken on a journey that, at the risk of sounding cheesy, spoke deeply to my soul.

From the beginning, McManus argues that we are all creative because we have been created by God, the ultimate creator. He doesn’t leave the thought there. He continues to encourage the reader to go deeper with the challenge that creativity and spirituality are “kindred spirits” and that we have become afraid to engage.

The Artisan Soul is not a twelve-point plan to becoming more creative. It’s a call to greater intimacy with our Creator. It’s a declaration that we are all a masterpiece because of who painted us. It’s an exhortation to live life like an artist at work, imagining, dreaming, refining and defining our expression so those we touch are left better for it.

My world-wearied soul was revived reading this book. I found my heart energized and excited about the beauty and love that is mine to offer as a child of God without limits.

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