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Tell us a little about you My name is Jess. I am married to a wonderful man named Tim. I am a nurse/midwife. I love being with my family and I am a bit of a bookworm. What's your favourite bible verse and why? My favourite scripture verse is Ecclesiastes 3:1. It speaks of seasons both good and bad. Bad times never last. How do you fix your eyes on Jesus? I am constantly reminded of Jesus everywhere I turn. I see him in everything. Focusing on his beautiful creation keeps me grounded in him. What do you want the next generation of Christian women to know? I want the next generation of Christian women to be reminded of the fact that they are created in Gods perfect imagine. Therefore they are perfect. Women are too critical of themselves and can often have low self esteem. I want all women to be reminded that they are beautiful and have a glorious destiny in Jesus. What would you like the next generation of Christian women to know? Looking back at the tough times and going through a difficult period at the present I am reminded of Ecclesiastes 3:1. The tough times don't last. It is just a season and God always has a plan to grow you through it. What are you passionate about? I have many passions. I am passionate about my husband and our marriage, my family, my career, and my church. When I am resting I love to read books or go for a walk with my husband.

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