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December Devotional

My prayer is that this devotional will assist you to spend time with the author of the Christmas Story this December. That in doing so, you will better understand him as the author of all stories, be able to grasp a little more the wonder of the author entering the story he wrote, and have courage to write his story more clearly upon your own life. There are five studies for each of the first three weeks of the month, and three for the final week leading up to Christmas Day. Some passages and stories are repeated such that different ideas and themes can be explored and reflected on, with the intent that this would give a greater chance of allowing their message to seep into our hearts. There are no right ways to use this or right answers to the questions. Rather, it is hoped that your use of this booklet, would assist you to reflect on the Bible so that the truth, light and hope of the incarnation will be brought afresh to your mind, heart and life. May the joy of the angels be with you this Christmas, Fiona Isaacs This is the irrational season When love blooms bright and wild. Had Mary been filled with reason, There’d be no room for the child. Madeline L’Engle Download: Accessible via our FHE Google Drive (best for devices other than desktops): PDF A4 Devotion Book - easy read PDF A4 Devotion Book Double Sided Booklet - 2 to a page PDF A4 Devotion Book - e-book


Fiona is a School Chaplain who is also passionate about physics, fan fiction and feminism. She studied at Fuller Theological Seminary in California.

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