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Celebrating FHE

It has been a wonderful experience to be included in this online community of Christian women. I have appreciated the thoughtful reflections expressed with compassionate intelligence. The brave expressions describing both the places where lived experience and faith connect and where there is a brutal disconnect, have all been held with prayer and at times tears.

I have reflected on the vision a call to “Fix Her Eyes on Jesus”. Those words embedded in the scripture of Hebrews 12 as the marathon runner of faith is called to run the race marked out for them. The analogy of the race is often used to bring home the truths of the surrounding scripture. However, this community of FHE has seen the runners not just the race. We have understood together that the great cloud of witnesses is cheering us on as forerunners of prevailing faith, each one of us now in the race, taking up our stretch of history. Determination and passion have been formed into words that carry the message of hope in Christ. The wonder of fixing our eyes on Jesus is in the discovery that instead of becoming “blinkered” our spiritual peripheral visual capacity is increased. We gaze into eyes of love that in turn fills our souls with an unearthly love. That love is like living water arriving in an abundance that is more than enough to share with our fellow runners.

That is the gift of this community. As you take a deep breath and consider the distance travelled, take a deep drink of living water and then pick up the pace again, press on in faith eyes ablaze with the reflection of the risen Christ.. “who for the joy set before him endured the cross.”


One of Gods girls . Co-senior pastor of Northridge Vineyard Church in Thornleigh, Sydney with husband Phil. Mum to Beth ( Mother love to Beth's husband Sean) and Sam. South Pacific Regional Co-ordinator for Tirzah International ( Investing in Women - Changing the World) Community Chaplain for Karios Outside ( a ministry to women who have been impacted by a significant others imprisonment). Speaker and Writer.

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