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Daily Reflection: Psalm 123.3

“Of course you can deride and mock their [Sydney Uni Evangelical Union] beliefs as naive or incorrect, and you can do so safe in the knowledge that you’re unlikely to get attacked or prosecuted for hate speech.”

Chris Ashton, The Daily Telegraph, March 17, 2016


Reflection: We may feel that the tide is turning against Christians in Australia at the moment. After years of being a Christianised country, Australia is now what we might call post-Christian, perhaps heading anti-Christian. As we struggle with living gracious and godly lives, and speaking in a winsome way for Jesus, we can sometimes feel vulnerable and insecure. This verse reminds us that God’s people have often faced contempt and ridicule as they stand firm in their faith, and offers a prayer for us to pray.


Prayer: Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us, for we have endured no end of contempt. Amen


Take it further: The God to whom we pray for mercy is the God on whom contempt and scorn was poured for us. Read Matthew 26:57-27:56 and reflect on Jesus’ experience as he suffered the scorn of those who crucified him. Thank God that Jesus did not waver from the task set before him.


Reflections with Natalie will be posted each morning for 2 weeks on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We would love you to join us!


Nat Rosner grew up in Sydney, lives in Melbourne and loves both cities! A former lawyer, she’s now a Minister at St Hilary's in Victoria and is passionate about sunshine, summer, sport, reading and local church ministry. This reflection was originally posted as part of the Winter Warmers series at St Hilary's

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