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Daily Reflection: Psalm 75.8

‘The “problem of evil” is not simply or purely a “cosmic” thing; it is also a problem about me.’ N.T. Wright, Evil and the Justice of God.


Reflection: The image of the cup in the Bible can be either good (Ps 23:5; Ps 116:13) or bad. Here it is the cup of God’s wrath that awaits the wicked, and ironically the image is of top quality wine, drunk down to it’s very dregs. But who are the wicked who drink this wine? The truth is, the wicked includes you and I, and the cup of God’s wrath awaits all at the end of the age (Rev 14:10; 16:19), unless they accept by faith that Jesus has drunk this cup on their behalf.


Prayer: Lord God, it’s sobering to be reminded of the extent of your anger at sin, and that each of us deserve that anger. Forgive us for our sin, in the name of Jesus who died on the cross in our place. Thank you that you love us so much that you gave your son to sacrifice himself for us. Amen


Take it further: Read Matthew 26:36-46 and reflect on what it cost Jesus to drink the cup of God’s wrath on our behalf.


Reflections with Natalie will be posted each morning for 2 weeks on our Facebook & Instagram accounts. We would love you to join us!


Nat Rosner grew up in Sydney, lives in Melbourne and loves both cities! A former lawyer, she’s now a Minister at St Hilary's in Victoria and is passionate about sunshine, summer, sport, reading and local church ministry. This reflection was originally posted as part of the Winter Warmers series at St Hilary's

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