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5 minutes with Jo ...

Tell us a little about you

I am Jo - a strong, loyal, honest, hard-working woman, committed to serving Jesus and learning more in order to be transformed by God’s grace.

Currently, I’m a full-time (Licenced) Lay Minister for Youth, Children and Families at a vibrant Anglican church in Brisbane…. just completing the last two subjects of my Bachelor of Theology.

What's your favourite bible passage & why?

Psalm 103:1-5 is my prayer, my testimony, and my hope. Let my whole being bless the Lord! Let everything inside me bless his holy name! Let my whole being bless the Lord and never forget all his good deeds: how God forgives all your sins, heals all your sickness, saves your life from the pit, crowns you with faithful love and compassion, and satisfies you with plenty of good things so that your youth is made fresh like an eagle’s.

How do you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus?

I sing to myself a lot - hymns, choruses, lines of scriptural truths, or just anything good and upbeat. Reading the Bible habit – a GOOD habit - has been formed, and I really miss it if I don’t read and chew and meditate on a Bible passage each day

What would you like the next generation of Christian women to know?

GRACE, GRACE, GRACE of Jesus Christ – to know that you know, from your head into heart that you are loved and accepted by God, as this is transformational.

What's one thing that you love about your local church?

The heritage of Gospel preaching and teaching that I want to continue on with all the loving people and servant hearts of so many around me.

What did you learn about God at a time in your life you found hard?

He is faithful and good, even when I am faithless. He is constant, he is loyal, and he loves me too much to let me remain as I am.

What are you passionate about?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything else is fairly secondary to this.

What do you enjoy doing when you rest?

I love to read all sorts of non-fiction - travel and bios, mainly when not studying; like to knit/sew/crochet, create, dabble in painting/artistic projects; gardening (I miss my house with vegie patch and now have to make do with pot plants); I write poetry sporadically but usually in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep [so not really ‘rest’].

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