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A little about me… Spiritually, I am a sinner who was graciously saved at the age of 20. I am a constant relapsing sinner who lives solely on the undeserving basis of being the beneficiary of God’s unconditional love, patience and grace. I have been primarily called to be a minister to my family and spiritual family. I am a wife and mother of two little girls. I am a part of a young church plant in St Kilda, Melbourne. Vocationally, I practice as a personal injuries lawyer and love seeing God’s justice enacted here on earth. Together with my husband, we also operate a tuition business to serve the students in Melbourne’s west. Our hope is to raise a generation of students who seek to contribute to the world positively by empowering and equipping them through the gift of knowledge. Favourite Bible Passage I love Proverbs 31. It reminds me of what I’m striving for in my ministry. So much of what I do brings about anxieties. I regularly turn to Luke 12:22 to ground my anxious thoughts. How I keep my eyes fixed on Jesus The reality is my sinful self and eyes are seldom whole-heartedly fixed on Christ. It is when I am confronted with my weaknesses and limitations that I am forced to surrender to Jesus, turn to him and fix my eyes on him. In the midst of busyness, I seek to integrate things that are in line with my rhythm of life to be reminded of him. For instance, I listen to sermons whilst driving; I pray to him during meal times and before sleep time; I turn to his word when I am seeking answers, guidance and encouragement. What I want the next generation of Christian women to know There ought not to be a dichotomy in seeking to work in the home and outside of the home. One thing I love about my local church It is a gospel-centred church that is seeking to love and serve its spiritual family and outreach to non-Christians through outward focused ministries which form part of the rhythm of life of non-Christians. What I learned about God during a difficult time That in the midst of instability, he is steadfast. That when it feels the world cannot be trusted, he is trustworthy. That when things feel all too hard, he will strengthen and equip. That when I am falling short, he is loving, forgiving and gracious. What am I passionate about Easily, my family. What do I enjoy doing when in rest Doing day trips with my family and enjoying a good coffee at some hidden alley-way café in the heart of Melbourne!

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