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5 minutes with Isabelle

Tell us a little about you

I am a Football Sports Chaplain. In January 2010 I was the first female Sports Chaplain to be appointed to a Victorian Women’s Football League (AFL) Football Club to VU Western Spurs previously known as VU St Albans Spurs. I am born and raised in Melbourne. Became a Christian in 1980 when Buskers in the city shared with me about the Love of Christ. Since 1980 I have been joyfully serving and ministering in the church, market-place and the broader community. I am married and have three gorgeous adult children.

What's your favourite bible passage why?

John 17:25-26 Amplified Bible, Classic Edition (AMPC)

O just and righteous Father, although the world has not known You and has failed to

recognise You and has never acknowledged You, I have known You continually; and these

people understand and know that You have sent Me. I have made Your Name known to them and revealed Your character and Your very Self, and I will continue to make You known, that the Love which You have bestowed upon Me may be in them felt in their hearts and that I [Myself] may be in them.

Why? It is all about LOVE; Father God, Jesus, His grace, mercy, truth, the Good News

towards all people and the very same love and compassion in God Himself is living in me.

Which means, I have the ability to Love like our Loving God Loves, to every person I meet.

How do you keep your eyes fixed on Jesus?

As I wake up I start the day by saying “Good morning Lord, I commit this day to You and

today we will do great things together.” I set myself up with a great expectation that God

will reveal Himself and show Himself irresistible and lovely. I think and meditate on a

scripture throughout the day. I have bible phone apps, little New Testament in my bag,

while I exercise I listen to sermons, when I’m on the bus I read my bible, I pray/talk to the

Lord throughout the day, I go to sleep with worship music playing, I have honest and open

conversations with my Christian friends. When I am doing household chores like ironing I

pray, I have been doing this for 30 years, I actually look forward to ironing. Jesus is included

in every aspect of my whole day.

What would you like the next generation of Christian women to know?

Follow the Law of Love, you cannot fail! Everything you do and say, soak it and saturated in

the Love of God towards everyone you meet.

Learn, discover and practice how to communicate and listen effectively with wisdom,

understanding and knowledge then ‘ask’ yourself before you say something to a person, “If I

was in their situation, in their shoes how would I receive ‘my’ words? Would I be

condemned, rejected, was it irrelevant, or was I encouraged, filled with hope, practical or

was it relevant, etc? Ask yourself, “should I listen and say nothing? Majority of people I sit

with in the church, market place and community, believe no-one understands and know

what they are experiencing and therefore they feel alone and isolated, or they feel rejected

and under-valued and unanimously they do not want any more advice, majority of the time,

they need someone to simply listen without judgement. Ask Father God, “How would Love

and the grace of God respond and what is the key that will unlock their heart for success?”

What's one thing that you love about your local church?

Jesus’ love and grace is continually unveiled to us and we are a body of believers who are

naturally different and we come together in harmony, complimenting each other. We have

fun and great coffee!

What did you learn about God at a time in your life you found hard?

God is always close to me, He is always speaking to me and best of all His character does not

change. He knows exactly what I am feeling because He walked in the flesh, He has looked out from my eyes, heard from my ears, He has my answer and the wisdom I need. He is my dwelling place. He is The Lord My Shepherd; Jehovah Rohi.

What are you passionate about?

People! Seeing people discover the beauty and awesomeness of the Love of Christ Jesus.

Seeing people become all that they can be, overcoming obstacles and being successful in


What do you enjoy doing when you rest?

Turning my phone off! I refuel spiritually, mentally and physically when I am studying the

Word of God, when I am with my family I enjoy watching fun, light hearted movies, going to

cafes, and having holidays!

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