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- Where do you live? I live in Moree, a small rural town in north-west of New South Wales, not far from the Queensland border. - What do you love about living where you do? I love the small community, and the way you see people you know every time you go down the street. I love it that the librarians and sales assistants know my kids and me by name. I love the fellowship in the local church. I love the small schools. I love that the longest I've ever had to wait in traffic has been less than five minutes. I love that I can walk to work. I love the clear skies at night and the way the Milky Way stretches out into infinity. I love the far horizons and the sunsets. I love watching storms blow in from the west, whipping the gum trees against a background of blue-grey clouds. I love being close to nature, listening to the kookaburras laugh in the afternoon and the cockatoos cawing in the morning. I love the slow pace of life, and the way I can see God at work in nature and in people's lives. - Tell us about something the local church is doing that inspires you. I am so inspired by the children's ministry in our church. We run a playgroup that attracts mums from so many different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds and it is such a blessing each week to build those relationships with mums, and show Jesus' love for them and their children. I love the way that we have been able to dialogue openly and respectfully with mums of different religious backgrounds, and talk about the hope we have in Christ. It is such a joy to be able to share the lives of the mums who attend, and also to watch the playgroup team selflessly using their gifts to serve others in the community. I'm also inspired by the Sunday School, Kid's Club, and Club 57 ministries each week. It is such a joy and a blessing to be able to speak Jesus into the lives of the kids who come into the church. They are the future leaders of the church, and it is vital to give them a strong foundation in Christ. The most amazing thing about these ministries, I think, is seeing the children's simple faith, and witnessing their joy as they are able to use their gifts for the praise of God and the service of others.

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