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What do I want for Mother's Day?

I want motherhood to be recognised as being the most difficult, demanding and relentless profession. I want equal esteem for mothers as there is for doctors and firefighters.

I want mothers to be thanked, nurtured, supported and defended. I want to see post-natal depression diminish.

I want mothers without children to be comforted. I want motherhood in all its adoptive, honorary, grieving, lonely, distanced forms to be honoured.

I want mothers to be protected from violent partners. I want violent partners to be held accountable, and be given the tools for change.

I want fathers to be on board, connected, and willing. I want families to be places of mutual encouragement and flourishing.

I want children to grow in environments of safety, creativity, exploration, and love. I want mothers to have a few moments to enjoy what they’ve done.

I want mothers to get lost in the eyes and giggles of those precious little ones.

I want mothers to be free to play, rumble, dress-up, and snuggle, all while knowing that the washing-up will be taken care of.

I want to see a return to village parenting, where a burden shared is a burden halved. I want great mentors to be visible, available, and kind.

I want mothers to have a safe place to fall. I want mothers to know that God gently leads those that have young (Isaiah 40:11).

I want mothers to thrive. I want mothers to learn and change and struggle and grow.

I want mothers to have the space to live the other things that they are. I want mothers to be able to choose work, or rest, or study, or adventure.

That’s what I want for Mother’s Day. About the author: I’ve never had a cup of coffee. Coffee smells funny. I feel like a bit of a fraud when people invite me out for coffee, coz I order tea. Apparently I’m a psychologist. I studied for ages but I don’t ever remember becoming ready to hold the broken parts of people’s lives. They keep coming back and say its helpful to talk to me. I hope so.I studied linguistics and theology too. I’ll study again some day soon.I haven’t eaten much gluten in about 10 years. So now I’m all buddy buddy with amaranth and quinoa.My husband likes cycling and fixing things, so he’s got mixed feelings when his bike needs repairs. I’ve got 2 little kids that are cutie-patootie when they’re asleep. The 2 year old pronounces ‘hippo’ as ‘happu.’ Cracks me up.I have a black belt in karate. And the only rowing race I’ve ever been in was against Olympians. (Hilarious). I want to learn archery some day too (Ok, so I pretty much just want to shoot like Katniss.)

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