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My Postcode - 2103

- Where do you live? Mona Vale 2103

- What do you love about living where you do? It's a beautiful spot right on the beach, and I love being able to just walk to the beach. I especially love all the cafes and hanging out with people over food.

- Tell us about something the local church is doing that inspires you.

Our local church has just opened a DGR called Link Community Care, which is aimed at looking after the community in a number of ways. We currently have a food care ministry giving discount groceries to those in need. However, we are now looking at new ways to impact our community by starting a possible drop in centre for at risk youth and providing them with help and education on drugs and alcohol which is a big issue in our community. We are also looking at a food van to help feed the homeless. I love being a part of something like this and being able to help turn people's lives around for the better.

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