September 18, 2019

Not every Christian believes that I should be leading a ministry or that I should even be an ordained pastor. The church I grew up in believed that church leadership should always be male. The reason I am in ministry today was due to a number of God Conversations that...

(prepared for the Melbourne Womens’ Preaching Network Event October 2017 at Ridley College)

Last time Karen Morris wrote about “What’s the Big Idea” of the sermon.

Now that you’ve worked o...

Preaching, and therefore writing sermons, is great privilege! As a preacher you know that you are serving God; serving God’s people and learning from God’s word all at the same time. And that makes it a really hard job, because you are representing God and his word; an...

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A private letter to those who have “thrived” during the pandemic

June 23, 2020

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