Celebrating FHE

It has been a wonderful experience to be included in this online community of Christian women. I have appreciated the thoughtful reflections expressed with compassionate intelligence. The brave expressions describing both the places where lived experience and faith connect and where there is a brutal disconnect, have all been held with prayer and at times tears. I have reflected on the vision a call to “Fix Her Eyes on Jesus”. Those words embedded in the scripture of Hebrews 12 as the marathon runner of faith is called to run the race marked out for them. The analogy of the race is often used to bring home the truths of the surrounding scripture. However, this community of FHE has seen the r

5 minutes with Kim ...

Where do you live? Tamworth, NSW. Yes, it’s the Country Music Capital, and if you can’t beat them, join them! What do you love about living where you do? The clean air, slower pace of life, no more than 10 minutes to anywhere, and the sense of community. Tell us about something the local church is doing that inspires you. We are trying to make real connections with our community. Some of our amazing members teach English as a second language, meet weekly for church on the frontyard in a mainly indigineous community, teach Scripture, run seminars on Dementia, Marriage and gender, and hold large scale events such a dinner with Mike Baird. Tell us a little about yourself. I am fortu

The Rise and Fall of the Complementarian Doctrine of the Trinity by Kevin Giles (Cascade, 2017)

The terms ‘page turner’, ‘un put downable’ and ‘doctrine of the Trinity’ would not often be found in the same sentence, but they are appropriate in the case of Kevin Giles’ most recent book, The Rise and Fall of the Complementarian Doctrine of the Trinity. It is not a long book (five chapters, 114 pages) and I read it in a single sitting. I found this story of a recent theological dispute absolutely riveting, even though I was already reasonably familiar with it and knew how it would end! It is an extraordinary story, told by someone with a unique perspective, being one of the major players in the drama. As Kevin writes, “I am uniquely positioned and informed to write this book on the compl

Fighting Words Part 2

I’ve been blessed recently by Ellie Holcomb’s 'Fighting Words'. It is an anthem that calls us to pick up the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God and to fix our eyes on Jesus. It inspires this second reflection on an episode in my life where I needed fighting words. Read part 1 here The problem with Satan’s lies, is that they have just enough truth in them to seem real. And often, they’re spoken by those we trust and so they slide insidiously into our brains as spiritual wisdom. It can be a tricky spot for singles, because there are so many of these lies out there, and we can feel alone in the battle to combat them. I remember being counselled to marry a Christian acquaintance, who I knew wo

Thoughts on Women Driving AND Preaching

I just watched a programme about women not being permitted to drive in Saudi Arabia nor do many other things it prompted this... When Jesus, the Word Incarnate (John 1:1-18) in a garden on the first day of the week while it was still dark (John 20 context for Jews - the 'first day of the week' RECALLS CREATION BEGINNING particularly 'amid darkness' Genesis 1:2 the earth was formless and void AND DARKNESS COVERED the face of the deep) so on that day which recalls the first Creation in darkness Mary fetches two men... BUT it is to Mary in a garden still dark that the incarnate WORD GIVES COMMAND the WORD - now enfleshed - who spoke Creation into bein

5 minutes with Shannon ...

Where do you live? I live in Lugarno, along the Georges River, in NSW. What do you love about living where you do? It’s has a lovely community feel, great parks, and established tree-lined streets. Because it’s a peninsular there’s no through-traffic so it’s not loud or busy. So essentially, it’s within Sydney without feeling like Sydney! Also, the kids’ school is a short walk away which is so convenient. Something the local church is doing that inspires you. Our church has a strong emphasis on connection and serving the community. It means that people who come don’t feel left out or like they don’t belong. There is a priority on discipleship and unity, so that everybody is on pa

Her Story of Domestic Violence

Since Julia Baird and Hayley Gleeson published, 'Submit to your husbands': Women told to endure domestic violence in the name of God (ABC News, July 2017), Fixing Her Eyes has received many emails from Australian women in evangelical churches who identified with the issues raised. Here we publish some of their stories. We hope that their words will be heard by all who read them. We hope that all readers will do something to help bring change. Whether you are in church leadership or part of the church. We can all do our part. No one should have to endure what these women have endured. We believe in, and pray to a God who is described in the following way in Psalm 91.4, "He will cover you with

5 minutes with Daisy ...

Tell us a little about yourself I'm 28 years old, I have a gorgeous black Labrador puppy and live alone with her. I love living alone and take great pleasure in being still and quiet. I love my close friends but I really enjoy staying home! I've been a Christian for about 15 years and have been in and out of a few churches mainly on account of location. What's your favourite bible passage & why? My favourite bible passage....hmm...I don't think I have an overall favourite but definitely have a few that stick in my mind. Colossians 3:12 'Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience' Romans 12:

A Rhythm of Life and Death

There can be great beauty in rhythms, the sunrise and sunset that bookend each day, the patter of rain steadily falling on a roof, the rhythm of the year with its times of celebration, waiting, work and rest. God created our world with these patterns as a way to bless us and so that we would rest, hope and remember him. As autumn fades into winter we recall that spring will come, just like we wait for the new creation when Jesus returns. As we take our rest on the weekend and work through the week we recall that one day we will enter into eternal rest. The rhythms of our lives are a blessing to us and a good part of God’s creation. God also made my body to a rhythm, it’s not a perfect one, b

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