Mum the Multitasker

As everyday girls, living the dream, we have a number of things on our plate. I don't have a perfect house. I have a pile of dreams and some maybe-on- day ideas to continue making our house a home. So I take every opportunity to offer hospitality to others with joy and spirit of excellence. I love people. I love food and I love laughter. I desire for to come to our home and feel welcome, loved and valued. Even in this season with young children. It's busy and involves lots of sweeping and vacuuming. But it's more than that... With a young family, I have more time at home. That means more mess, but it also means more time to clean. Here are some practical things that help me… GET ORGANISED I

My Postcode - 3220

- Where do you live? I live in Geelong, Victoria. I actually live on the campus of Geelong Grammar School, where my husband works as a math’s teacher and boarding tutor. It’s the largest boarding school in Australia, so it’s a unique place to live! - What do you love about living where you do? I love the sound of the students chatting and playing right outside my door. I also love the community on campus. Most of the staff live here with their families, so it’s more like a little village than a school. Everyone on campus looks out for each other, and I’ve never been anywhere where the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ is more appropriate! - Something the local church is doing that

A Different Narrative [ + free print]

If you spent some time today watching the news, listening to the radio, reading the paper or scrolling through Facebook it would have been hard not to have been caught up in a narrative of fear. On the SMH homepage today there are articles about terrorism raids, Safe Schools, murder trials, investigations into flight crashes, the Lindt Café investigation ... Some Christian groups seem to promote a message of fear. An underlying fear of “what next?” is becoming the new normal. With all this going on around us, it can be hard to fix our eyes on Jesus, to have a deep conviction that He is in control. Add to that our own struggles; whether it be work, finances, unemployment, illness, relationshi

I am the bright morning star

We just finished a series on Revelation at church recently by reflecting on Jesus' bold but seldom discussed statement, “I am the bright morning star” (Revelation 22:16). The speaker, Darrell Johnson, convinced me that this tiny statement is a powerful and important truth for today. In the midst of the darkness and confusion that seems to mark our lives both corporately and individually, the starlight that speaks of dawn is what we so desperately need. Apparently the morning star appears in the sky when the night is at its darkest, about 2 or 3 o'clock, when there is still a way to go till the sunrise. However, it speaks powerfully into the darkness, telling the truth that, despite the depth

Four things I learned about faith from riding a motor scooter.

1. I am willing to put my faith in some pretty flimsy things When I first started riding I didn’t have a proper jacket. I was wearing something that I thought was pretty cute, it had polka-dots, and worked as a windbreaker, but it really wasn’t going to do anything if I fell. Somehow I am willing to put my entire life into my questionable riding skills, a reasonably sound helmet, and a flimsy, albeit cute, jacket. But when it comes to trusting God that his way is best, that he will provide whatever I need for life and flourishing, I balk. I know that he can and will provide words and confidence to speak his truth and grace into situations that seem dark and unfriendly or the strength to meet

5 minutes with Carolyn ...

- Tell us a little about you I live in Sydney or on Qantas. Fuzz (my best friend who I am married to and is my ministry and business partner) and I included in our wedding vows that we wanted God to use our home as a place of hospitality so we have always had people live with us. I am the co-director of STOP THE TRAFFIK with Fuzz. We are seeking to end human trafficking and modern slavery in our life time. We also run Spirited Consulting and over the last 16 years have worked with over 25 denominations in over 35 countries. - What's your favourite bible passage & why? Mark 8:34 - I particularly like the Message version "Calling the crowd to join his disciple

I'm Sorry

I hear my mother’s voice in mine, “Say you’re sorry.” I hear my voice in my child’s, “Sorrryyyyy” – you know the tone. An ability to say the word and make it devoid of any meaning. It has been forced and it is said to get out of trouble. It is a word and nothing more. I bump into someone in the street. I quickly say, “I’m sorry.” My husband rolls his eyes at me. We have had the conversation countless times. They bumped into you, you don’t need to say sorry. He is right. It is too valuable a word to use incorrectly. I am training myself to ask, “Are you ok?”. Just because it is not my fault doesn’t mean I can’t express care and concern. I am in an argument with my husband. We have bo

Handling Bullying and Conflict

Jackie was excited about landing her dream job teaching at a Christian school but reasonably quickly the situation began to deteriorate. No one explained to her how things worked, so she was constantly having to ask questions which were responded to curtly. She had a particular clash with one staff member and when she asked their common manager to intervene, he asked her instead to explain her actions. When Jackie pulled out her position description to demonstrate she actually had authority over the task, the manager admitted she was right but no one apologised and the tension continued.After several months and she was on the end of an angry outburst from a fellow teacher, she discovered tha

The Coach and the Cheerleader

Parenting is one of the best and most difficult roles I have as a woman, created in God’s image, as a coach and cheerleader to my boys. Coaches have a variety of techniques and methods they choose to use with their team. In those clichéd sports movies, like Mighty Ducks, you know the ones I mean, it seems that a bit of positivity goes a long way. A team needs the right person to believe in them and encourage them to achieve their goals. In the beginning, the coach has a lot of power; power to release potential. God places value on our role as parents. It says in one of the wisdom books, Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. [Pro

Living in a shaming culture

Shaming has no healing or restorative purpose. Shaming invokes humiliation and embarrassment. It deceives the “shamer” into believing they are better than those being shamed. It comes cloaked in "needed criticism" or religiosity. Shaming takes all shapes and sizes…a leper ousted to the outside of the city, the woman branded with the scarlet A, a young intern caught up with a married politician, an athlete caught in a sexual addiction, or a mum whose child fell in a gorilla pit. The main difference in how we shame is that we’ve traded pitchforks for the anonymity of the keyboard. We live in a world that is infiltrated with the mistakes of others blasted across the Internet in lightening speed

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