My Postcode - 2010

Where do you live? Surry Hills What do you love about living where you do? The cafes, village life, the closeness of everything, the grit, the hipsters, the many subcultures in the community, the food, the beautiful tree lined streets and terrace houses. Tell us about something the local church is doing that inspires you ... churches in the area are well established though there are a few fresh expressions. Many are involved in work to help the homeless, mentally ill and marginalised. I think we could do with more fresh expressions of church here.

This Mum’s Perspective on Parenting…

As it says in Psalm 127:3 (NLT), ‘ Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.’ He gives us good gifts. Gifts we are to treasure and for which I am grateful. I delight in my children. I want to demonstrate the goodness and kindness of God. I want to be a patient, fair, trustworthy, respectful adult who values each of my children for who they are. Sometimes I will put their needs before my own. However, there are times my kids need tough love. They need boundaries and discipline as much as they need to know His comfort and His grace. They need me to be the fun, cool, relaxed mum as much as the strong, firm, decisive mum, no matter where we are. For me, the trickiest par

Complementarianism and Family Violence: The shared dynamics of Power and Control

John McClean’s recent Pulse article Does Complementarianism promote Domestic and Family Violence? [i] noted that while complementarian theology does not in any way promote violence against women, patriarchal thinking does have some inherent risks. This current article will not attempt to argue for or against complementarianism, but rather draw out some parallel dynamics that exist between complementarianism and family violence, in hopes that the church will gain greater awareness of these dynamics, mitigate the inherent risks, and work towards being a safe and encouraging environment for all people. Family Violence is a problem that disproportionately affects women, children, people with

My Postcode - 5725

- Where do I live? I live in Roxby Downs, 600km North of Adelaide. Roxby has a population of about 3000 and is the town associated with the BHP Olympic Dam mine so everyone who lives here has some connection to the mine. - What do I love about living where I do? My husband and I are both 30 years old, and we have three young children, and we are possibly spot on in representing the demographic here in Roxby. Most people live here because they have a young family and don't want to fly-in/fly-out and miss out on time at home. This means that the majority of services and facilities are geared towards young families. We are never short of an outing here with story time at the library twice

4 Spiritual Practices for your Run (or Walk)

I love to take a good walk or go on a invigorating run. I know not everyone feels the same. But, what if I told you that you could do something for your spiritual health WHILST improving your physical health. At. The. Same. Time. Are you sold? Here are 4 different spiritual practices that I like to incorporate into my workout regime. They probably wouldn't work for a weight lifting session or a dance class, but are perfect for when you have 20 minutes (or the recommended 30+) to get out and jog. (or walk!) One quick disclaimer: I absolutely think it is fine to go for a walk and just not think about anything, or to jam to some tunes (what am I saying?) while you run, or to just talk with your

The Trinity – A Contemporary Review (Part 2/2)

PART 2: PRACTICE What are the Implications of our Christian Triune God? Karl Rahner issues the challenge that the Trinity is totally absent from the practical reality of the head and heart, leaving most Christians “almost mere monotheists,” missing the distinctly Trinitarian marks in their faith and practice. (Rahner, K. The Trinity. 
The Crossroad Publishing Company, 1997, 10-11; Sanders, F. The Image of the Immanent Trinity. Peter Lang Publishing, 2005, 55). This diagram shows ‘consubstantiality’ or the mutual indwelling of the Persons of the Trinity. We observe diversity and unity, distinctiveness yet one nature, one purpose from which we can learn how the church should be: diverse and un

The Gender Conversation

Tired of disputes about gender generating more heat than light? At Morling College, we decided that the time was ripe to host a conversation on gender that would model mutual respect, clarify differences, and identify what we can affirm together as Christians. The conference, held in September 2015, covered everything from Genesis to Korean 'Bible Women', and Timothy to Caitlyn Jenner. The contributions of all 23 participants (along with a foreword by Timothy George), are now available as The Gender Conversation: Evangelical Perspectives on Gender, Scripture, and the Christian Life. RRP $39.95 Members of the Fixing Her Eyes community who order through our website

5 minutes with Hannah ...

- Tell us a little about yourself I talk too much. This is one of the reasons why only sharing “a little” about myself will be difficult, but I will do my best! In spite of my ability to over-share, I am actually an introvert, and I love spending time alone. I live with my husband, my parents and our three young children, so this almost never happens. I love my family to bits, and am ever grateful for their grace and perseverance with all aspects of my personality which include (but are not limited to): compulsive cake eating, craft and creative projects, Netflix and writing books. I am also a comedian, which means I get paid to be a smart-alec. I’m not joking. - What's your favourite bible

My Postcode - 2120

Inside a favourite Thornleigh cafe where I always run into locals - called Curl the Whisker, and as you can see it also sells vintage wares. Name: Megan Postcode: 2120 Suburb: Thornleigh What I love: This is the most community minded place I’ve ever lived - it’s like a country town. We moved here as many do in pursuit of more affordable housing that was still near family. But we love it - a sentiment shared by many Thornleigh denizens. It isn’t cool but its very neighbourly, with lots of trees and all the suburban modcons. The local church: We have recently joined the local Baptist up the road, and we are loving being in a church so connected to the community we have lived in for over a deca

What do I want for Mother's Day?

I want motherhood to be recognised as being the most difficult, demanding and relentless profession. I want equal esteem for mothers as there is for doctors and firefighters. I want mothers to be thanked, nurtured, supported and defended. I want to see post-natal depression diminish. I want mothers without children to be comforted. I want motherhood in all its adoptive, honorary, grieving, lonely, distanced forms to be honoured. I want mothers to be protected from violent partners. I want violent partners to be held accountable, and be given the tools for change. I want fathers to be on board, connected, and willing. I want families to be places of mutual encouragement and flourishing. I wan

All the things I wish we’d said

I was adamant that I would NEVER start quilting, after some fairly average attempts to make my kids a baby quilt each. Those quilts took years to make and a whole lot of work! Combine that with my difficulties with straight lines (cutting, sewing …) it all seemed like it was just not the thing for me. But a friend convinced me to go along with her to a Modern Quilt Guild just to check it out. Despite my determination, I was won over from that first meeting. Modern quilting is so fresh, and different from my preconceptions of quilting and quilt design. Some inspiring quilts, and some small learning projects later, I decided I wanted to make a quilt. A real quilt. I had been pondering making a

Grace in the Watermelon Patch

As our car pulled into the drive late one evening after we’d been at a friend’s party, I noticed something disturbing. I’m pretty sure I just saw dents where there were watermelons earlier today. I was determined to ignore it until the morning, to make sure my son would get off to bed quickly without being side-tracked. The following day saw our family standing round in the driveway, with lots of gesticulating, hands on hips and speculation as to the identity of the culprits. The melons were indeed missing – every melon bigger than about 10 or 15cm was gone. We’d had a few really big ones which we thought might have been ready to pick the following week. This is the first time we’ve grown wa

5 minutes with Bronwen ...

- Tell us a little about you I’m blessed to have the opportunity to help kids to learn to do life better, through my role as a school chaplain. I’ve worked with kids and young people pretty much all my adult life – everything from pre-kindy kiddies to university students – in both paid and volunteer capacities. I live in Perth, with my husband and our 7 year old son. It’s a dreadful cliché to say that he is the light of our lives, but it’s true. In 2014, I founded God’s Design – Perth, a ministry for Christian men and women which aims to bring clarity, healing and encouragement in Christ through the biblical message of gender equality. I blog at In my so-called spare

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