A Christian's Guide to understanding the equal place of women in the Church and Home in the 21st Century by Jim Reiher

1. By way of Introduction: Why is a man writing about women in the Church?

2. Genesis 1. God's ideal for humanity: Full equality in status and function

3. Genesis 2. Are men and women really equal? After all Adam was created first.

4. Genesis 3. How sin damaged the ideal, and the repurcussions that followed. How Christians are liberated from the curse of sin and death!

5. Was Deborah really only chosen to be judge over Israel because no man was available?


6. Why didn't Jesus have any women apostles? Does that prove final authority in the church must be male?

7. Jesus and women in ministry.

8. Great women leaders in the New Testament Church

9. Galations 3.26-29. The statement that says it all

10. Acts 2.17-21 and 1 Corinthians 12.7-11 The last days church

11. Head coverings and headship in 1 Corinthians 11

12. More on "Headship" - Just what does the bible mean by the term?

13. Lessons from Ephesians 5.21- 6.9

14. But aren't women meant to be silent in the Church? 1 Corinthians 14.34-35

15. Doesn't Paul prohibit women from leadership and teaching in 1 Timothy 2.12?

16. Titus 2.3-5 Doesn't Paul tell Titus that women are only allowed to teach other women?

17. Radical equality between men and women, taught and demonstrated in 1 Corinthians 7

18. Isn't supporting women in ministry and leadership just bowing to the trends of society?

19. Where to from here?


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106 pages

Jim Reiher, My prayer is that sometime the whole issue of "women in ministry and leadership" will be as much as a thing of the past as "is slavery right or wrong?" has become. October 2002

Jim Reiher lives in Australia and is married to Julie, a father of four, and a grandfather. At the time of writing this book, he was an ordained minister, and Bible College lecturer for 8 years at Tabor College, Victoria. Jim teaches Church History and New Testament Studies. Jim has a Bachelor or Arts, with a double major in History, a Diploma in Education, and a Masters in Theology with Honours. He has written a number of books including Acts, The Eye of the Needle: Discipleship and Wealth (fwd by Tim Costello), James: Peace Activist and Advocate for the Poor, The Sunburnt Circus and Women, Leadership and the Church


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