March 21, 2020

This year for Lent I gave up sugar to remind me that I am human, and not God, and as a daily reminder that I am limited and not really in control of my life at all. There is nothing like denying yourself a Freddo to remind you how fragile you really are. However, in th...

March 15, 2020

I have a voice but I can’t use it

I have a story but I can’t tell it

I have a testimony but I can’t share it

Have you ever felt silenced? 

Silenced by fear, silenced by insecurity, silenced by pain, silenced by society, silenced by the past. Maybe you feel like you are h...

March 7, 2020

“If feminism is just about your own empowerment, then that is not feminism, that is just capitalism in a fancy hat” claims Alice Fraser in her 2018 Melbourne Comedy Festival Act “The Resistance”. Writing slightly differently, but with a similar insight, Eve Tushnet ref...

March 4, 2020


Tonight, I watched A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhoodand there was a scene which made me think of Jesus. The movie is about famed children’s educator Fred Rogers, who ran a long-running television program. He was a Presbyterian minister who was commissioned by his...

March 1, 2020

Some survivors of domestic violence found the recent article from The Gospel Coalition (TGC) hard to read. After some discussion and reflection I realised that, to us, it reads as an outsider looking in, who assumes her audience is only made up of outsiders. It seems...

January 14, 2020

 Image: Sony Pictures Entertainment

[Spoilers for the film “Little Women” and for the books “Little Women” & “Good Wives”.]

The recent adaptation of Little Women is wonderful in all the right ways, cast to perfection, glorious detail in sets and costuming, a script that...

December 24, 2019

There is something so precious about cradling a newborn. 

I have had the privilege of being passed both a newborn niece and nephew to cradle this year within hours of their births. As I held them each of them, I felt a deep desire to want to pray for them, to thank...

December 24, 2019

We are all I am without a doubt, familiar with longing.

It is a feeling that we become acquainted with from a fledgling age. The urgent longing we feel for a parent to buy us an ice-cream from the shop, the excitable longing the night before Christmas when there are p...

December 22, 2019

Once upon a time, around three and a half thousand years ago, the word of the LORD came to an old Babylonian man living as an alien in the land of Canaan. The aged sojourner’s name was Abraham and he was very wealthy in livestock, silver, and gold, but despite all his...

December 22, 2019

You may have experienced, as I have, the ‘big box’ Christmas prank. A huge wrapped box is presented amid a chorus of “what can it be?”, then layers of wrapping shed revealing a slightly smaller box within and then another and so on, until only a small box remains conta...

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March 21, 2020

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